The Smarter Choice for Pool and Spa Heating

Maximum Efficiency for Higher Outputs
The goal of any heat pump is to produce as much heat (or cooling) as possible in any given weather conditions. ThermoSmart heat pumps have an efficiency rating (referred to as the COP) of up to 6.1 and boast a COP of around 4 even at temperatures of 10 degrees.


Dual Loop Screw Core Titanium Heat Exchanger
ThermoSmart heat pumps boast a unique double loop titanium heat exchanger with counter current technology. Water and hot or cold refrigerant gases flow in opposite directions and pass the heat exchange tubes twice ensuring faster heat absorption and up to 20% better performance. The heat exchanger is made from titanium so it won’t rust or corrode (as long as normal water balance is maintained).


Hydrophilic Fin Evaporator
The efficiency of a heat pump, air conditioner or refrigerator is based largely on the thickness of the evaporator. Not only are ThermoSmart heat pump evaporators thicker than most brands, the blue or gold coating on the evaporator fins helps repel water from the fins, reducing corrosion.


Powered by premium Toshiba & Copeland Compressors
At the heart of any heat pump is it’s compressor. ThermoSmart heat pumps use Toshiba & Copeland compressors for maximum efficiency and reliability.

Heats AND Cools – with auto defrost
Your ThermoSmart heat pump allows you to not only heat your pool or spa in winter but also cool it to stop heat build-up in summer. ‘Heat Creep’ is a major problem, especially for smaller spas and swim spas and your ThermoSmart heat pump will solve this problem. The auto defrost function protects the unit during adverse weather conditions.

Micro Chip Control System
Our premium micro chip control system uses state of the art technology to ensure easy and automatic operation and precision temperature control. The control panel shows the water temperature as well as diagnostic error codes in the event of a problem.

Maximum Durability
Our powder coated galvanised steel cabinets are built to last. Superior components and strict quality control ensure maximum performance, reliability and durability.

Environmentally Friendly R410a Refrigerant Gases
We only use environmentally friendly R410a gas, which is also the most efficient gas to use in heat pumps.

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