The Smarter Choice for Pool and Spa Heating

How Do They Work

Air is drawn by a fan across an evaporator which is filled with very cold (-20 degrees) refrigerant gasses. The gas absorbs heat from the air and is then passed through a compressor which further intensifies the heat. This intensely hot refrigerant gas (over 100 degrees) is then passed through a heat exchanger which transfers the heat from the compressed refrigerant gas into the water which is then pumped into your pool or spa using your pool pump or a separate circulation pump.

Affordable Heating and Cooling All Year Round
ThermoSmart heat pumps are designed to help you get the most from your pool or spa by allowing you to affordably control the temperature – all year round. Just select the exact temperature you want and your heat pump will (within limitations) maintain that temperature automatically. A reverse cycle function even allows you to cool your water in summer. If a pool or spa cover is used the amount of heat or cool is improved dramatically. This form of heating is up to 75% more efficient than gas or electric heating. It is not reliant on the sun and works in all conditions and temperatures.


Are They Economical to Install and Run?

ThermoSmart heat pumps have a COP (co-efficient of performance) of over “5” which means that for every dollar spent on electricity you get over $5 worth of heating output. Heat pumps use up to 75% less power than electric heating and are considerably cheaper to run and install than gas heating. Over the life of your pool or spa your heat pump will save you many thousands of dollars.

The cost and efficiency of your heat pump will depend on a number of factors including the location of the unit (wind, sun etc), geographical location and season but installation is relatively easy and most handymen can do it themselves.

Do They Work Everywhere?
While the efficiency is slightly higher in warmer climates, heat pumps will work anywhere the air temperature is over 5 degrees Celsius.

The Truth about Heating Outputs of Different Brands

There are a number of internet sellers who quite simply lie about the output of their heat pump to make you think their unit is bigger and better. Most do not explain what there claims are based on. Those who do show statistics about the power input and heating output prove their claims are untrue :

The heating output is easy to calculate – input x COP (efficiency) = output
The COP (efficiency rating) of all heat pumps is very similar (around “5”) and this does not increase much even when the temperature is very hot. Efficiency ratings of “7” are not even possible!. Amazingly, even when some sellers provide their input power and and confirm an efficiency rating of 5, they still promote an “output” that is 40% higher than what it really is! Can you trust someone who makes untrue claims like this?

Our output ratings are  based on normal operating conditions and are supported by test reports and show that our heat pumps have the same heating output as brands that claim 40% higher Kw ratings.


What Size Heat Pump Do I Need?

Many internet retailers suggest that a 9 Kw heat pump will heat up to 50,000 litres and that a 14Kw heater will heat 70,000 litres. Many pool companies got into a lot of trouble overstating the size pool that a heat pump will suit and this is why we make more realistic claims.

In reality, the size of heat pump that you need varies depending on a number of factors and there is no way you can match a pool with a heat pump using litres alone. You can work off our general guidelines but the only way you can be sure to get it right is to call us. We know the questions to ask so you get the right heat pump for your needs.

Please Note: A pool cover is necessary to minimise running costs and maximise heat retention.


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